19-08-6We can repair all makes and models of Servers, Desktops and Laptop computers. When possible repairs are done via Remote Assist so the unit is back in service as fast as possible. We quickly develop a resolution to the problem and evaluate the cost of replacement versus repair in order to give you the most cost effective solution possible.

Upgrades / New Installations


ComputerWhether hardware or software, one machine or an entire network, we can perform any type of upgrade. We can migrate you from one program to another and use the new program tools to migrate your data.

New Installations

We can install any device you need into an existing network or design a new network for you. This can be Cloud based or on-site infrastructure. When necessary we develop a build-out plan and map how everything will be connected so you understand how the network will work for you.

We can install any software for your business and make sure the data is backed up and recoverable.

Manage Networks

Manage Network

B4I4XD7WY4We can manage your computer network and provide all IT services that a computer network administrator would provide, without the cost of having a full-time employee, including the associated costs, such as overtime, holiday and vacation pay, health benefits, 401(k) and other retirement plans, unemployment insurance, etc.

For companies with small IT departments, we provide project consulting services to help manage projects that your department may not be familiar with, whether the technology be new or old. We also assist companies and IT staffs that need help in Branch Offices or remote sites when travel to our coverage area is not cost effective.

Our service technicians are trained in new technologies and older technologies, both hardware and software to maximize their ability to help our clients. Regular testing and client feedback ensure that we have the best technicians in the area!

We can manage, or install and configure, your company’s computer network for advanced IT services such as, but not limited to:

  • Active Directory Design and Integration
  • LAN or WAN setup and repair
  • Recover Data from “Crashed” Systems
  • Extend your current Network
  • Wireless or Wired Installations
  • Internet Access
  • E-Mail (Corporate and Internet)
  • Remote System Access
  • Setup new user accounts and delete/lockout old user accounts
  • Provide data replication and storage, data backup and/or restore data
  • Develop Disaster Recovery procedures
  • Monitor and upgrade hardware
  • Install, patch, or upgrade software
  • Install all printing services for group or individual printers

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Disaster Recovery and Backup

1963518669_1377332898Depending on the size of your data and projected growth over a 3, 5 and 10 year period, your disaster recovery needs are unique to your business. A small company can make use of smaller solutions – tape backup, backup to external hard drives, etc. But larger companies or if you run multiple shifts, require more advanced recovery systems that may include Disk-to-Disk, Disk-to-Tape, Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape, Online Backup or virtual machine recovery.

These options depend on many factors, including:

  • The amount of data to be protected
  • How often a backup is required
  • Do employees work in shifts
  • Is a responsible person available to change tapes
  • How many backup copies are to be retained
  • Do you need to be able to mount a backup to act as a temporary server until repairs are completed
  • Do you need a virtual environment protected, such as VMware.
  • And other factors, including budget constraints

We can design a data protection plan based on your unique situation. Once a solution is in place, we can test the system as often as you need, to verify data is captured and can be restored when needed.

Consider these items:

  • If you could not access your data one morning, what would you do?
  • How long can you afford to be without access to your data?
  • How long would it take to get your critical systems back online?
  • How would your customers react?
  • Do you know where your software program installation disks are located?
  • What about software licenses?
  • Are they all in one place or scattered?
  • Are they protected from theft or fire?
  • Would you know what programs to restore and what security permissions to assign?
  • Are you 100% certain that your backups are functioning properly and archiving all your data?
  • Are any employees storing business data on their hard drive instead of the network?
  • If someone deleted the wrong file, how would you get it back?
  • Have you performed a test to restore files recently?

If you cannot answer these questions with confidence, give us a call and let us help you put a verifiable plan in place to secure your data and resources.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

BM2OM50PLOData Loss Prevention, or DLP, is a solution to prevent your critical data from leaving your network. It is a solution that monitors file or data content and following company policies it prevents employees from transmitting that information.

For example, if an employee tried to email a Social Security number or credit card information, DLP can block the action and alert you of the attempt. If someone tries to copy data to a thumb drive, or CD or any storage device, DLP will block the attempt and notify you.

DLP can block access to online sites, such as file sharing sites Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive,, DropBox and other sites.

DLP can block access to employees personal email web sites.

Data Loss Prevention can help businesses comply with government laws, such as HIPAA or State laws restricting information releases.